How to Play:  Simply text or email us with an introduction to anyone who is considering buying, selling, or investing in real estate.  Once the transaction closes, you will receive a property card. Each time you, or anyone you introduced, buys or sells a property with our representation you get another card (one per referral)!

Winning:  YOU win 3 different ways!

  1. As a result of your introduction, the person you care about is outrageously happy with their real estate experience. 

  2. YOU collect a Mollyopoly property card (which is non-transferrable).  Once you collect 3 property cards, you win your choice of several specialty Mollyopoly prizes (e.g.  "Get out of Work Free" for lunch with Molly or "Go Directly to Go" & collect a gift certificate of your choice or a "Community Chest" donation to your favorite charity)!

  3. All players that collect a property card in a calendar year will be entered into a drawing for a GRAND Mollyopoly prize to be awarded each year!

  4. New in 2022!  If we help 40 people (we need your help) buy or sell, we will hold the Mollyopoly Awards!  This fun event will be a chance to win MORE PRIZES!  Everyone who has collected a card in 2022 will be invited!

Our greatest privilege is not only to serve your real estate needs, but also those of your friends and family.  Hopefully, you will enjoy playing (maybe even competing) to see who can collect the most Mollyopoly property cards!

If you have any questions or if you need any assistance with anything related to real estate, please know I here to serve you!

Let's Play MOLLYOPOLY!!!

Examples of Some Previous Winners!

Congratulations on your "Get Directly to Go" card! Enjoy your date nights, Tracy & Patrick!  Thank you for your continued support!
We appreciate you and your referrals, Ming & Bjorn!  "Go Directly to Go" and enjoy Salt Trader's!
Congratulations to Tonya & Troy on your "Go Directly to Go" gift card.  Enjoy Eddie V's and thank you for your referrals!!!
Congratulations to Ben & Claudia V.  They were our 2020 Mollyopoly Prize Winners!!!
Congratulations to Eric F! "Go Directly to Go" to Chuy's! Thank you for the referrals!


Thank you Scott & Crystal M! We love your referrals. Enjoy your Jack Allen's "Go Directly to Go"!






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